Smoked meats



A ham which, by combining the best quality meat with nigella seeds, is distinguished by its strong flavour and aroma. It will satisfy the palates of even the most demanding customers and connoisseurs of good taste.


Bear garlic perfectly blends with the taste of pork, emphasizing its qualities and giving the ham a slightly regional, highlander character.


It owes its juiciness, moisture, and tenderness to the process of short smoking and brewing. An excellent sausage for sandwiches and a snack board.


The special preparation method makes our cold cut tender and slightly moist in cross-section. Balancing the flavour, the exquisite texture and a bouquet of natural spices, we get a ready-made cold cut with a golden brown crust sprinkled with a blend of spices. This is a recipe for happy moments.


The fine quality of its flavour comes from the smoking process, the flavour and smell of which remain discernible. It is also enhanced by the aroma of carefully selected spices. Juicy and tender in texture.


Perfectly juicy and tender. Its fine interior encloses a palette of smoky notes and the aroma of carefully selected spices. Moist and full of flavour – perfect for sandwiches.


A delicious pork loin, suitable for both a sandwich and a charcuterie board. Tender, firm texture, discernible smoky flavour and aroma. Impossible to resist!


Pork ham, perfect for both sandwiches and main courses. The delicious, tender texture will satisfy the palates of the most demanding gourmets and lovers of traditional, iconic flavours.


Smoked pork ham with a perfect tender texture. It delights with its natural flavour based on excellent meat. Everyone will enjoy it!'s product range includes a wide selection of smoked meats. The smoked meats are made with a love for homeland. This means that the producer uses only tried-and-tested recipes, carefully selected meats and spices, and at the same time takes care of the proper processing. The smoked meats are smoked using the traditional method, which is why they retain their unique flavour, gain a unique natural color, and at the same time are properly moist. The range includes:

• Beskidzka ham with bear garlic,
• classic pork loin,
• classic ham,
• Sopocka sirloin,                         
• farmer's ham,
• ham excellent in taste,
• ham with nigella,
• phosphate-free ham

Beskidzka ham with bear garlic

Beskidzka ham is a novelty in the Duda brand portfolio in the family of Beskidzkie products. After Beskidzka sausage, this tender and delicate Beskidzka ham has also been seasoned with bear garlic – a spice naturally found in the Beskidy Mountains. Bear garlic perfectly blends with the taste of pork, emphasizing its qualities and giving the ham a slightly regional, highlander character.

Classic pork loin

Classic pork loin is one of the most popular smoked meats offered by the brand.  Pork loin is an extremely popular cold cut – with delicate flavour yet distinctive at the same time. The pork loin we offer is distinguished by its unusual form, aroma and flavour. It is tender yet firm inside. It is neither too dry nor too wet – Its right level of moisture makes it perfect as an addition to a sandwich, but also as a snack on its own. Smoked pork loin is a must of every and any charcuterie board. No wonder no one can resist it!

Classic ham

When looking for good quality smoked meat, many people indicate that they miss not only its unique flavour and aroma, but also its delicate form and proper colour. It is difficult to find a good-quality smoked meat, reminiscent of the old recipes. Carefully prepared recipes, well-selected meat and spices, as well as the right processing have made the smoked ham appreciated by both small and big gourmets. Classic smoked ham is an excellent smoked meat that can be used as an addition to cold sandwiches or salads as well as in hot main courses. Its deliciously tender form will certainly meet the expectations of the most demanding gourmets.

Sopocka sirloin

Smoked meat in the form of Sopocka sirloin is a cold cut created for delicate palates that are looking for a juicy snack or a sandwich topping. Carefully selected pork is used in its production, which results in a low fat content in this type of smoked meat. It is therefore ideal for those who value lean meats, but also care about their health and shape. What distinguishes  Sopocka sirloin is its extraordinary juiciness, moisture, delicacy and tenderness. This effect has been achieved not only through the use of appropriate recipes and the combination of a blend of spices, but also through proper processing. Such lean and tender meat requires proper smoking – short-smoked and steamed smoked meat is a great addition to sandwiches, on a snack board and many others.

Farmer’s ham

Farmer's ham is another item on the list of smoked meats from It is an extremely delicate and tender sausage whose flavour and aroma are obtained thanks to the use of carefully selected pork meat. Combined with the right seasonings, it acquires a unique flavour and aroma. Perfectly juicy and tender, the smoked meat is a great addition to sandwiches, although it can also be used in many other ways. With its help, you can prepare uniquely flavoured cold salads as well as nutritious hot dishes. Smoked meat ham is a combination of moistness and tenderness, which are the most important characteristics of a good-quality home-made cold cut.

Fine ham

Pork ham, in order to be aromatic and tender, must be properly prepared. This is exactly what smoked meat is like – fine ham. It is fine because it is unique, thanks to the unique process of smoking and smoldering, which gives the smoked meat a unique aroma and flavour. In addition, the heat treatment emphasizes the uniqueness of carefully selected spices. The result is smoked meat with a juicy and tender form, the taste of which is appreciated by children and adults alike. The carefully developed recipe makes the smoked meat flavour reminiscent of cold meats made many years ago. It is not without significance that as much as 110 g of high-quality pork meat is used to produce 100 g of fine ham.

Smoked pork loin vs classic ham

It would seem that smoked meats in the form of smoked pork loin and classic ham do not differ much from each other. Nothing could be further from the truth – the only thing they have in common is that the brand uses carefully selected pork meat in their production. Smoked pork loin is as much as 85% of pork loin, it is a unique smoked meat, and all that thanks to its surprisingly traditional flavour. The heat treatment process makes it extremely tender and firm, and additionally, thanks to smoking, it retains not only the unique flavour and smell of the smokehouse but also of the spices used. Our ham is produced without the use of phosphates so that its flavour is based on high-quality meat, and its consumption is 100% safe for health. No wonder nobody can resist this kind of smoked meats!

How many kcal do smoked meats have?

The calorie content of smoked meats is strictly dependent on their type. It is worth noting, though, that it is carefully selected pork meat – ham, sirloin or pork loin – that is used in their production. They are distinguished not only by their unusually delicate flavour, but also devoid of various types of fats. As a result, the smoked meats offered by are low in calories. The low calorie content of smoked meats makes them an excellent dietary choice for people who want to keep fit. When combined with bread or vegetables, they make a wholesome meal.

Traditional smoked meats from Duda – a summary

If you are looking for traditional smoked meats distinguished by their unique flavour and aroma, and at the same time you care about a proven source of food – then the Duda brand will certainly meet your expectations. All the smoked meats available in the assortment are produced in Poland. What is more, Duda smoked meats are distinguished by their unique flavour and aroma – although they are all produced in a similar way, the use of various spices and processing times makes the final products significantly different from each other.