Sliced meats


Smoked poultry ham

Despite the fine nature of the poultry cold cut, the ham is full of distinctive flavour and wonderful aroma. The chicken meat used to produce it comes 100% from Poland.


Light poultry slices that are perfect on a sandwich for people of all ages – children, the elderly – or athletes who care about a balanced diet. The chicken meat used to produce it comes 100% from Poland.


Its unique flavour is determined by the top-quality raw material combined with a perfectly selected composition of spices. The chicken meat used to produce it comes 100% from Poland.


High protein content, delicate flavour and up to 96% turkey breast fillet determine the superior quality of this product. Perfectly prepared slices are a great choice for delicious and healthy sandwiches.


Traditional brawn in the form of slices in a convenient package is an ideal product for iconic flavours gourmets. With 85% of pork meat in the finished product and no added colourings, it inspires respect among lovers of traditional products.


High protein content, a discernible smoky aroma and as much as 81% of pork ham in the finished product are the most important determinants of the high-quality sirloin available by the slice.


Carefully prepared turkey meat combined with an addition of pork and perfectly selected spices determines the unique flavour which is so hard to resist.


An excellent breakfast choice, appreciated for its perfect juiciness and delicious, iconic flavour. The high quality is emphasized by the high pork content – as much as 86% in the finished product.


A unique formula and the best ingredients are the recipe for a unique taste of chicken fillet. The product is characterized by its high protein content and no artificial colourings.


Excellent dry sausage in the form of convenient slices. The exceptional quality and excellent flavour have been obtained due to the best meat – 100g of the product from 127g of pork.


The quintessence of tradition and the craftsmanship of master butchers. A ham with an excellent composition of aromatic spices and exceptional juiciness. Ideal for lovers of traditional flavours.


An intense smoky aroma and high protein content are the main features of the delicious ham placed in the form of slices in a convenient package.


The highest quality pork ham prepared by our master butchers was created from carefully selected raw meat material. Perfectly selected spices determine its original and exceptional flavour.


The iconic taste of traditionally smoked pork loin from the barrel at the pull of a slice. No added phosphates and artificial colourings. 100g of product made from 116g of pork loin.


The highest-quality meat from Polish chicken and the subtle aromas of pepper and garlic, which perfectly underline the classic character of this sausage. Now in convenient slices.


The excellent quality of pork, the perfect texture, the subtle aromas of garlic and pepper make Krakowska Dry Sausage deservedly play the role of an ambassador of Polish taste all the time! Now in convenient slices.


Made according to tried-and-tested recipes, from the best Polish pork, it still adds flavour to our family gatherings. No phosphates, colourings or monosodium glutamate. Now in convenient slices.


Poland's only Hunter's Sausage in the form of convenient slices. The exceptional flavour composed intricately of the highest-quality pork and perfectly balanced spices. No added phosphates, colourings and monosodium glutamate.

For over 30 years, the Duda brand has been providing customers with the highest quality products, made with the use of traditional, iconic recipes. Extraordinary care and attention during the preparation of the products makes the brand's products almost a must-have item on the Polish table. No wonder that the Duda brand cold cuts have been known for generations.

Cold cuts from the best meat!

For the production of cold cuts, the Duda brand uses carefully selected meat. We take care not only of its quality, but also of the proper matching of raw meat materials to the product.

In order to maximize the flavour of our cold cuts, we use not only unique recipes. We attach great importance to the quality of the meat as well as to other ingredients of our products. We know how important it is to enjoy a delicious flavour. We know how important a role the table and gatherings around it play in every home! Duda is a brand that was created to delight with the best Polish taste! iconic cold cuts are available also in Biedronka stores!

Meat and cold cuts are some of the staple foods that play an important role in the human diet. According to data provided by the Central Statistical Office, it is estimated that a person eats over 60 kg of meat and meat products annually. Traditional cold cuts are available in a numerous variants – our brand's range includes a wide selection of them – more than a dozen types of cold cuts. Looking for traditional Duda cold cuts? You can find them in Biedronka stores.

Sliced cold cuts from – what do you need to know?

Sliced cold cuts from do not only mean a unique flavour and aroma of the product. They also stand for an extraordinary convenience – freshly sliced cold cuts are hermetically sealed in packaging, thanks to which they retain their fresh flavour and aroma for longer while at the same time allowing you to use them anywhere. You can use them for sandwiches not only at home, but also when traveling or on a trip. It is worth a mention that a huge advantage of sliced cold cuts is also the possibility of their thorough examination in terms of overall appearance, cross-section or colour. Thanks to this, as a buyer, you can be sure that you are purchasing a product you are looking for.

Sliced cold cuts from

Sliced cold cuts from are a collection of iconic flavours, closed in a convenient form. An additional advantage of the solution is that we have taken care to ensure their appropriate thickness – in convenient packaging, we have enclosed perfectly thin slices of the cold cuts, which will be perfect for making a nutritious sandwich, a part of a charcuterie board or an addition to salads and other cold or hot dishes.

Types of sliced cold cuts offered by

The assortment of packaged cold cuts from includes a wide range of variants. We offer both sliced cold cuts made with the use of high-quality pork and poultry meat. Among the available sliced cold meats are:

• hunter's sausage,

• Żywiecka sausage,

• Żywiecka poultry sausage,

• Krakowska dry sausage,

• Krakowska dry poultry sausage,

• barrel smoked pork loin,

• barrel ham,

• smoked ham,

• boiled ham,

• Polish dry sausage,

• chicken fillet,

• Krakowska steamed sausage,

• Krakowska turkey sausage with added pork,

• smoked sirloin,

• pork knuckle brawn,

• roast turkey fillet,

• roast chicken fillet.

Sliced roast ham

Sliced roast ham is the perfect solution for those looking for sliced pork cold cuts with a delicate flavour and aroma. The high meat content contributes to its quality and unique flavour as well as its nutritional value. It is rich in protein, but also provides a number of vitamins and minerals that are valuable for health. An advantage of roast ham as a sliced cold cut is its texture – the composition of aromatic spices and the right length of baking make it extremely juicy and at the same time delicate in flavour.

Turkey sausage

Sliced turkey cold cuts are another proposal that cannot be missing from the Polish table. Our representative in this category is roast turkey fillet, which consists of as much as 96% of turkey. It is made from turkey breast fillet - the most tender, lean and thus unique meat. Sliced turkey cold cuts are perfect for people who value lean, fat-free cold cuts, and who also pay attention to the calorie content of their meals.

Chicken cold cuts, poultry cold cuts from

Sliced chicken cold cuts are another proposal of poultry cold cuts from, which is distinguished by its extremely delicate flavour and aroma. Carefully selected chicken meat is used for the production of sliced poultry cold cuts. The delicate flavour, high meat and protein content make sliced ​​chicken cold cuts adored not only by adults but also by children!

Duda pre-packaged cold cuts — shop for them on Allegro!

You can buy pre-packaged sliced cold cuts not only in popular discount stores but also on Allegro. It is a simple and quick way to order your favorite flavors with a guarantee of fast delivery to your door! When you buy sliced cold cuts at the Allegro auction from the Duda Nasze Polskie Official Store, you have a guarantee that you are buying the product directly from the manufacturer! The company guarantees not only the unique flavour and aroma of sliced cold cuts, but also their highest quality and freshness. An additional advantage is their method of packaging, thanks to which the pre-packaged cold cuts retain their freshness longer and are convenient to use.

How many calories do cold cuts have?

The calorie content of sliced cold cuts is the same as their version in pieces. Pre-packaged cold cuts are not products which are the richest in calories - it is pork bacon, either in the traditional version or with various additives, that has the highest calorie content of cold cuts or meats. Traditional sliced cold cuts have different calorie content, depending on how they are prepared. It is worth remembering, though, that meat is an important component of prepared meals although it should not be the main ingredient. By adding the right amount of sliced cold cuts to your breakfast or dinner, you can provide the body with the right amount of iron and protein.