Cold Cuts

Favourite snacks on the traditional family table. A must-have item on the charcuterie board and during shared feasts. Unique recipes preserved with the utmost care, where every peppercorn and every herb is of key importance.


A traditional hunter's sausage with deer meat is a guarantee of an excellent and unique distinctive taste. A real feast for the palate of all hunter's sausage gourmets.


Perfectly balanced spices – garlic, pepper and a hint of juniper make it popular not only with hunting enthusiasts. Perfect to eat as a snack and for sandwiches.


The distinct mushroom flavor of the traditional hunter's sausage evokes the atmosphere of the forest, the campfire and a meal in the open air. Perfect for any outing.


Top-quality meat from Polish chicken and subtle aromas of pepper and garlic, which perfectly underline the classic character of this sausage.


The unique taste intricately composed of the highest-quality pork and perfectly balanced spices. No phosphates, colourings or monosodium glutamate.


The unique taste intricately composed of the highest-quality pork and perfectly balanced spices. No phosphates, colourings or monosodium glutamate.

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Made according to tried-and-tested recipes, from the best Polish pork, it still adds flavour to our family gatherings. No phosphates, colourings or monosodium glutamate.

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The excellent quality of pork, the perfect texture, the subtle aromas of garlic and pepper make Krakowska Dry Sausage deservedly play the role of an ambassador of Polish taste all the time!

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The unique taste intricately composed of the highest-quality pork and perfectly balanced spices. No phosphates, colourings or monosodium glutamate.

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A perfectly tender, well-dried sausage, seasoned only with garlic and pepper, with a hint of juniper berry aroma. This is exactly what our juniper sausage is like!

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Dry sausages are a must-have item on every family table. They are made with the use of unique recipes, which, combined with the appropriate heat treatment, determine their unique taste and aroma. Needless to say, dry sausages are among the most popular cold cuts with Poles. They are eaten both cold and hot. They will work well as part of a charcuterie board, but they can also be used to prepare a variety of hot dishes.

Sausage – key information

Sausage in Poland is available in many variants – no wonder it is so popular. Those made in accordance with iconic recipes, with the use of high-quality ingredients, are the most highly regarded. Much can be said about its taste and aroma. However, it is worth getting to know its history.

The origin of the word "sausage" is not entirely clear. It is estimated that in Poland it was used as early as half a thousand years ago. Interestingly, the first sausages, made several hundred years ago, are similar in shape to those produced today. Sausages, both then and now, were made by stuffing the meat into the intestine. This is because the intestine acts as a natural casing that makes it possible to form rings of minced or chopped meat. In addition, Polish sausage in this form is easy to store and process.

Types of sausage that we have on offer

We offer a wide selection of sausages. All available types are made with extreme care, with the use of both iconic recipes and good quality ingredients. In addition, all sausages are properly packaged so that they are as convenient to use as possible.

The prepared range of sausages includes:

• juniper sausage,
• hunter's sausage,
• hunter's sausage with mushrooms,
• Krakowska dry sausage,
• Żywiecka sausage,
• Żywiecka poultry sausage,
• Krakowska dry poultry sausage,
• hunter's sausage on a charcuterie board,
• hunter's sausage with deer meat.

Each of these sausages is appreciated for its unique taste and aroma. You can find out more about them below!

Żywiecka sausage

Żywiecka sausage is one of those cold cuts whose flavour and aroma are reminiscent of those made at home by grandparents and great-grandparents. The excellent taste of Żywiecka sausage is a result of combining top-quality pork and a blend of aromatic spices. As much as 125g of meat is used to produce 100g of sausage! Devoid of phosphates, colourings and monosodium glutamate, it is not only aromatic, but also extremely tender. Żywiecka sausage is an excellent idea not only for a snack but also for a sandwich.

Juniper sausage

Juniper sausage does not only mean a unique flavour and aroma. It contains as much as 154 g of pork in 100 g of a ready product! Its unique flavour is emphasized by juniper berries, which, combined with carefully selected pork, garlic and pepper, have created a product with an exquisite and extremely characteristic flavour. The secret of its flavour and aroma lies in the minimalism of spices as well as in the already mentioned berries. All this makes it a must-have on the Polish table!

Juniper sausage is a perfect snack for any occasion – thanks to proper thermal treatment, it does not require refrigeration, so you can always have it with you. What also distinguishes it is its form – it is available in the form of a traditionally dark smoked ring.

Hunter’s sausage

Hunter's sausage is extremely popular due to its unique flavour and aroma. 154 g of pork meat is used to produce 100 g of hunter's sausage. The key to the success is not only high-quality pork, but the carefully matched spices, in the right proportions. Garlic, pepper and a hint of juniper play a key role. Another interesting variant is hunter's sausage with mushrooms, which evokes the atmosphere of the forest, the campfire, and encourages eating outdoors. Hunter's sausage is smoked and subjected to a long, careful process of drying and baking. This is what gives it not only such a unique aroma, but also perfect tenderness. Importantly, it is another sausage product that does not require refrigeration, so you can take it anywhere – to work, school, for a walk or on a longer trip. The hunter's sausage by the Duda Nasz Polskie brand is the most popular sausage with Poles in its category.

Krakowska Dry Sausage and Krakowska Dry Poultry Sausage

Dry sausage, depending on the variant, can be produced from both pork and poultry meat. The Duda Nasz Polskie brand range includes both Krakowska Dry Sausage and Krakowska Dry Poultry Sausage. The short composition of the dry sausage allows for recalling the flavour and aroma of cold cuts produced in accordance with iconic recipes. The additives that determine the characteristic flavour and aroma are garlic and pepper. The smoking process is also important. Dry sausage is dried for a long time. Perfect for sandwiches, although it can also be an ingredient of hot dishes.

Popular dish – oven roasted sausage

Oven roasted sausage is one of the most popular dishes. It enjoys such great popularity due to the unique flavour of the dish, but, above all, because of its simplicity. Slashed and roasted with potatoes and coloured onions, it makes for a unique dinner dish for every occasion. Oven roasted sausage can be prepared in many ways – there is practically no way to spoil this dish. All kinds of vegetables will be a perfect addition to it. What is more, it can be roasted not only in the oven, but also on the grill.

How many calories does sausage have?

The calorie content of a sausage is closely related to its type. Among the sausages with the lowest calorie content is Krakowska Dry Sausage, which has energy content of 235 kcal/100 g. Hunter's Sausage and Juniper Sausage are slightly richer in calories, with 357 and 354 kcal/100 g, respectively. However, it is worth remembering that these are sausages with a high protein content, which is extremely valuable for the body. Those looking for less caloric solutions should opt for Poultry Sausages, which are produced from lean chicken meat, devoid of fats.

Dry sausages - why are they worth having a go?

Dry sausages by the Duda Nasz Polskie brand are a range of the highest quality cold cuts, produced on the basis of unique recipes. Made from high-quality ingredients, they are perfectly seasoned with aromatic spices. They do not contain phosphates, colourings or monosodium glutamate. Our dry sausages have been present on Polish tables for over 30 years. The fact that Hunter's Sausage is the number 1 selling sausage in its category among Poles confirms its quality and flavour. In the production process, we use advanced technologies that allow us to maintain the highest level of safety and quality during the production cycle. The combination of the highest standards with carefully selected raw meats makes it possible to obtain such tasty dry sausages loved by Poles.